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Guide to the Census

Guide for understanding the census and creating census maps.


What is a census?

A survey that collects data from all members of a population.

Canadian Census of Population & Census of Agriculture: every 5 years

Civic Census ie Calgary: annually

What data is collected?  Socioeconomic and demographic data at various geographic levels.

About the Census

Information from Statistics Canada:

Information about the 2016 Census Release dates, response rates, geography products.

Census Dictionary  Contains detailed definitions of Census of Population concepts, universes, variables, and geographic terms.

History of the Census of Canada

Digitized Census of Canada Documents:

Internet Archive  search in Canadian Libraries

Censuses of Canada, 1665 - 1871
Tables on the social and economic conditions in Canada from the earliest settlements to 1871.  Hosted by Queen's University Library.

Census Returns 1825 - 1916
Statistics Canada, search nominal indexes for 15 historical census years.  Census records 1825 - 1921

Information from the City of CalgaryCivic Census General Information

Introduction to the Census

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