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URL change as of Nov 8

The current URL for this CHEM 599/659.27 guide is:

The URL as of November 8, 2017 will be:

Patents: Looking for the full-text of patents?

Use the resources on this Patents page



  • Use the resource that corresponds to the country where the patent was filed. The first two letters of a patent denotes the country:
    • WO = world --> Use PATENTSCOPE
    • US = United States --> Use USPTO's site
    • CA = Canada --> Use the Canadian Patent Database
  • Search for the patent number, omitting the letter prefix
    • WO 9316184 --> search for 9316184
    • US 4009197 --> search for 4009197

Shortcut: reference material

SciFinder: substance identifier search

Search for the generic name or CAS RN

Finding journal abbreviations

"Creative chemistry"

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