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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

A guide to finding books, articles, and technical information for your coursework in chemical and petroleum engineering.

ENPE511 - Design for Oil and Gas Engineering I

In-Class Session:

1) Orientation and Navigation

2) Google Scholar

3) Chemical and Petroleum Research Guide

4) Engineering Resources

5) Business Research Guides

6) Business Resources

7) Work time with your group

Data Sources

Alberta Energy Regulator
The AER is the energy regulator for Alberta.  In the Activity and Data section of their publications, they provide oil and gas data and information (In Situ Performance Presentations).  Not all projects will be covered, but you may be able to locate reports about your area or reservoir.  Check out the statistical reports as well as other reports listed under the publications tab of the website (ie. PVT and Core Studies are indexed as part of Statistical Report 105). 

Alberta Geological Survey
The Alberta Geological Survey provides geological information to assist with exploration and development of Alberta's resources.  Search the publications database for reports and maps related to your reservoirs.

Government of Saskatchewan Publications
Publications produced by the Department of Energy and Resources can be found through a Google Scholar search.  However, you may wish to search Government of Saskatchewan publications directly. 

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