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Communication Studies

Searching Summon

Summon is the main search box on the Library Home Page.  It is your main tool for searching for journal articles, books, newspaper articles, videorecordings, and conference proceedings. 

For example to find information on the status of women in Canada enter  Status Women Canada  in the main  search box.

The query will take you to the summon results page with items sorted by relevance.  In order to discover the item you would like you will need to use the filters on the left hand column,  You can refine your search, select a content type, limit by date of publication and select disciplines that apply. Once you have filtered your results you can review the items, using the preview button for articles to view the abstract.  To keep track of your selections, use the folder+ icon to keep your selections in a temporary folder which you can email to yourself once your research is complete.

Clicking on a result will in the case of a journal article give you full text or in some cases tell you where to get your hands on a print copy. 

Clicking on a book result will bring you to the catalog record of the book, You will be able to determine its location and also place it on hold if you do not have time to pick it up.  Staff will retrieve the book and have it waiting for you in your preferred library branch.


Alternatives to Summon

Parliament of Canada

Parliamentary debates online

There are 2 places to look for this.  One is for the historical debates up to the 1st session of the 35th Parliament (January 17, 1994 to February 2, 1996.  This may be found at:  The other, which carries the information forward to the present time is at:  In both cases, you need decide if you want the debates of the House of Commons or the Senate and you need to decide which session of Parliament you want to search.  It's a bit awkward but eventually you get used to searching it.

For a full description of Canadian Parliamentary Publications please see GOVINFO: Canadian Parliamentary Publications

Alberta Legislative Assembly

Print Page