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Fake News

Strategies for understanding and spotting misinformation.

Library Resources

Library resources have a greater likelihood of containing credible and reliable information.

For these databases at the end of the provided links, you will need to use your UCalgary credentials for access.

Books on Fake News

Book cover, white background, in centre, black & white image of a woman screaming in panic, surrounded by squiggles representing radio waves reaching out like sun beams
Book Cover inspired by the US government posters, red and blue with the black & white portraits of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert overlapping like a person with two-heads
Book cover is an old TV test screen with the title centred on a black label with transparent letters.
Book cover of an ancient Roman-like pillar under water, surrounded by fish and sun rays glowing into the deep blue.
Book cover is completely black except for a top stripe of mixed colours as if light through a prism.
Book cover is a red & white target with the title on the Bull’s eye.
Book cover is a sepia-toned picture of what looks like circus performers.

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