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A guide to the resources for geology and geophysics

Library Research for Geology 505

The purpose of your assignment in Geology 505 is to develop a familiarity with the research literature in hydrogeology.  You can use this resource guide to find papers related to your topic.

Find Articles

Top Groundwater Journals

This list is provided to give you a sense of which groundwater journals have the highest reputations.  I have provided you with links directly to the online content of these journals. If you find that the University does not hold the volume/issue for something that you are looking for, please submit a request through Interlibrary Loan.

**What does the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) mean?  The impact factor is the average number of times articles from a journal published within the last two years have been cited.  Impact factors are calculated for journals indexed by Web of Science.  Not all journals are indexed by Web of Science, therefore not all journals have impact factors.  Wikipedia has an excellent entry explaining impact factors

Searching Effectively

Part 1-Identify Search Terms or Keywords
Start with a list of keywords for your topic - synonyms, variant spellings and scientific names for key concepts.

Find articles about the the pharmaceutical contamination of groundwater.   

Part 2-Use Boolean Operators such as "AND" and "OR" to Structure Your Search

Boolean operators
allow you to specify a logical relationship between your search terms. These operators allow you to narrow or broaden your search statement. Truncation or Wildcard symbols (e.g. * or ?) allow you to retrieve variations of a specific word.

AND narrows your search
(Finds articles with all your search terms)


  • ground?water  and  pharmaceutical

  • groundwater  and drug*

OR broadens your search
(Finds articles with any of the search terms).


  • groundwater or ground water or ground-water 

  • pharmaceutical* or  drug*

Phrase Searching
Finds search terms that are adjacent or next to each other.


  • "pharmaceutical contamination"
  • "ground water"

Truncation and Wildcard symbols

In many online resources  use the asterisk  * to find plurals or variant spellings
*Make sure the word you are truncating is not too short as you will retrieve too many variations of your word otherwise.


  • drug*  will retrieve
    drug, drugs

  • ground?water  will retrieve
    groundwater, ground water, ground-water

Key Online Journal Collections

Citing your Sources

The preferred citation style for GLGY 505 is the American Geophysical Union

You can use software such as Mendeley to help you gather, store, and manage your citations.

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