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Basic Green Screen Editing in iMovie

To edit green screen in iMovie, start with an empty project and select the background you would like to use.  iMovie has some built in backgrounds, or you can use an image that you have produced or an image that you have imported.

Select background

Now, drag and drop the background image (or video) into the timeline.

Drag background image

Select the green screen footage you wish to use and drag and drop it above the background.  If your green screen footage is still on your USB drive, you will need to import it into iMovie first.

select green screen footage

To make your background image shorter or longer to match your green screen footage, drag the edge of the background to match your footage.

drag background to match footage

Double click to select the green screen footage in the timeline, and then select the drop down menu that is labelled "Cutaway" above the left corner of the viewing window.  Select "Green/Blue Screen."

Cutaway green screen

The green screen should now be removed to reveal the background behind it!

background image is revealed!


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