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This guide will help you access the microform collections including microfilm, microfiche and microcard.

What is a microform?

A microform is an item reproduced in a greatly reduced format, and requiring special equipment to view or copy.

The library has collections of three different types of microforms containing historic newspapers, books, maps and other documents:

  • Microfilm: 35mm film with microscopic photographs

  • Microfiche: 3x5 or 4x6 inch film sheets

  • Microcard: paper cards containing printed text

How and where?

Where are the microforms located?

Microforms are located at the HDL (High Density Library). Once requested, they can be picked up at the TFDL. 

How do I access microforms?

Place a request for a title or collection through the library catalogue.

If you already know the name of the collection, find it in the catalogue and select "Request specific issue or volume"If you do not know collection name or need more assistance, see the next page Placing a Request.

Where are the reader/scanner machines located?

  • 2 machines on TFDL 2nd floor, near flatbed scanning station

  • 1 machine behind TFDL 1st floor information desk

  • 1 machine in the Archives/Special Collections Reading Room (5th floor TFDL)

  • 1 machine at Military Museums library and archives (available by summer 2017)

  • 1 machine at the HDL (High Density Library)

How can I scan or print from microform?

Microforms can be scanned to .pdf format, or scanned to print. Printing requires a UNICARD as with other library print jobs.

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