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New Nursing Practice Resource

Nursing Reference Centre

is a comprehensive reference tool designed to provide relevant clinical resources to nurses and other health care professionals, directly at the point-of-care. This database offers staff nurses, nurse administrators, nursing students, nurse faculty and hospital librarians the best available and most recent clinical evidence from thousands of full-text documents.

Nursing Reference Center provides in-depth content covering areas including conditions and diseases, patient education resources, drug information, continuing education, lab & diagnosis detail, best practice guidelines, and much more.


Generously provided through support from the Faculties of Nursing, Calgary and UCQ.


Nursing Reference Center online tutorial

Evidence Based Nursing

Evidence Based Nursing analyzes the best evidence available to make a clinical decision, considering the availability of resources, taking into account the values and wishes of the patient, and evaluating outcomes. 

“Posing clinical questions also can help nurses identify and fill in gaps in knowledge, keep up with advances in clinical practice, and strengthen interactions with their peers, team members, and patients and their families”.
McKibbon, KA and Marks, S. (2001) Posing clinical questions:  Framing the question for scientific inquiry. AACN Clinical Issues, 12(4):477-481.

Steps in EBN

Analyzing the clinical situation


Asking a focused clinical question


Accessing the clinical research literature (i.e. the evidence


Appraising the best evidence you have found


Applying the evidence to the care of the patient


Assessing the effectiveness of care based on this evidence


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