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LAW Other Sources of Legal Publications

Compilations of Legal Resources on the Internet; includes sources like Law Reform Commissions, Legal Education Societies, Legal Information Institutes and Legal Publishers.

Other sources of legal information

This guide can be used as a tool to locate resources for digital legal materials.The tabs found above will open pages that will assist researchers by providing links to various sources of legal publications. Sources include government bodies, law societies legal information, legal publishers and law reform commissions.

Law Reform Commissions

The purpose of a Commission is to study and keep under systematic review the law and its effects with a view to providing independent advice on improvements, modernization and reform that will ensure a just legal system that meets the changing needs of society and of individuals in that society. Commissions may undertake studies and research, publish studies or reports and support cooperative efforts to further its purpose.They are created under law as independent agencies to make recommendations to governments. Using the tab above open the page that links to Law Commissions from across Canada and around the world.

Legal Information Institutes (LIIs)

LIIs are one of the best places to look for legislation, court decisions and other primary legal materials. Legal materials are available at various LLI websites for particular countries or groups of countries. They offer free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations. They may also include Law Commission Reports and some law review articles.

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Legal Publishers

Legal materials are published by a variety of sources. Government departments share information through their own published documents, sometimes produced by the Queen's Printer. Private vendors publish texts and other resources to supply law students and law firms. Law societies, associations and institutes publish material in support of their legal education programs.

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