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Research Data Management

General information on research data management at the University of Calgary

Research Data Management

Data management is the process of controlling the information that is generated through research. Any research will require some amount of data management, and funding agencies are increasingly encouraging scholars to plan and execute good data management practices.

Properly managing data helps scholars better organize files and data for easier access, analysis, and reuse.  It ensures data is backed up and available when needed.  It supports the published results of your work and ensures accountability in data analysis.  Data management includes:

  • Designating responsibilities of all parties involved in performing the research.
  • Determining how data will be securely stored and backed up.
  • Utilizing file formats that allow for data re-use, sharing, and long-term access.
  • Creating documentation and standardized metadata to ensure collaborators and potentially other scholars can make use of your data.
  • Identifying how (or if) your data may be shared for verification, re-use, or other purposes.
  • Ensuring that any shared data does not reveal confidential information.

This guide divides information about research data management into three areas:

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