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Open Access Authors Fund

The Open Access Authors Fund underwrites reasonable costs for fully Open Access (OA) scholarly articles, books, and book chapters produced by University of Calgary authors.  Certain criteria apply.  Libraries and Cultural Resources will deposit a copy of funded items into PRISM, the University of Calgary's institutional repository.

Who is eligible?

  • The fund is open to graduate students, faculty, staff, adjunct faculty, and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Calgary.
  • Applicants must exhaust other funding sources (e.g. grants) to pay for publication costs before applying. 
  • The first author on the article must have been affiliated with the University of Calgary at the time the research took place.  

What is eligible?


  • The fund will pay APCs for articles that have been accepted for publication in OA journals that are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.  Journals listed in the Directory have made a certain level of commitment to quality.  If the journal you are targeting is not listed in the Directory, please contact us before you submit your paper.
  • The fund will pay for APCs in fully OA journals.  These journals make all content (articles, editorials, letters, appendices, data, etc), in all formats (HTML, pdf, etc), in all issues (current and older), openly accessible. 
  • Articles that have been accepted for publication in hybrid OA journals will not be eligible for coverage by the fund.  (A hybrid open access journal is a journal that only makes some articles open access upon payment of an additional fee.) 
  • Journals/publishers that have differential charges for Creative Commons (CC) licenses will not be eligible.


Because the open access environment for scholarly books is still evolving, eligibility will be decided on a case-by-case basis. However, the following criteria will apply:

  • Scholarly books supported by the Open Access Authors Fund should be openly accessible immediately upon digital publication.
  • In the case of contributed chapters to a multi-author volume, the entire volume must be published in an open access basis in order for individual chapters to be considered for funding.
  • Books and book chapters must be published by reputable, peer-reviewed, scholarly presses; for example, members of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association or presses adhering to their membership criteria.
  • The University of Calgary Press is an Open Access book publisher.  Other Open Access publishers can be found via the Directory of Open Access Books.

What are the limits on the Fund?

  • The fund will pay for two successful applications per author per fiscal year (April 1 - March 31)
  • The fund will limit grants to a maximum of $2,500.00 USD per successful application:  
    • For an article or book chapter which features multiple eligible authors, one grant to a maximum of $2,500.00 USD will be awarded to that article or chapter.
    • For a monograph which features multiple eligible authors, one grant to a maximum of $2,500.00 USD will be awarded to that monograph.
    • For an edited collection which features multiple eligible authors or editors, one grant to a maximum of $2,500.00 USD will be awarded to that collection.

Apply for Funding

To apply for funding, please complete the application form

Normally, applicants will know if their funding request has been approved within five business days.

If you have additional questions check out our FAQ or contact us!

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