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How to use the Reading List Tool (Leganto)

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions in setting up your reading lists in the Reading List Tool through D2L.

The Reading List Tool (Leganto) is a collaborative web app for creating and managing course readings and resource material. It helps instructors select resources from a variety of sources, involves library staff to manage access and availability, and provides students with direct access to the readings.

Students login to the Reading List Tool through their D2L courses: access your course and under the "MyTools" dropdown menu you will find the "Reading List (Leganto)" tool.

Where do I access my course reading lists?

1. Go to D2L and select the class you would like to access the reading list for:


2. Navigate to the "My Tools" dropdown menu and select "Reading List (Leganto)":


3. Select the specific reading you would like to access:


For more general inquiries please go to to our page Troubleshooting.

I can't see my course reading list in the Reading List Tool?
You need to login through D2L and connect your reading lists with the Reading List Tool. Please repeat Step 1 to Step 3.

I did Step 1 to 3 and I still don't see a reading list for my course?
While this is the preferred location for your course reading lists, instructors may choose to post readings somewhere else - within D2L or outside of the learning platform. Please get in touch with your instructor for specific inquiries.

I still don't see any courses?
1. You can search for courses manually through the Reading List Tool:


2. Search for course code (for example MUSI343), course title, course instructor, etc.:


For more information please go to Troubleshooting


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