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Code of Conduct

Approved by Students' Academic Assembly February 24, 2003. Updated March 2013.

In keeping with the University of Calgary Statement on Principles of Conduct, Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) seeks to create and maintain a positive and productive learning environment where all visitors and staff treat each other, and the spaces they occupy, with respect and courtesy. Our Code of Conduct serves to supplement existing policies and provide guidance for patrons and staff regarding the expectations of those using LCR’s facilities, collections, and services.

LCR has zero tolerance for disruptive, threatening, violent, or unlawful behaviour. Campus Security will assist LCR staff in the review and/or removal of any person(s) who exhibit such behaviour. Engagement in prohibited activities can result in a non-academic misconduct as per the University of Calgary Calendar at the discretion of the Vice-Provost/University Librarian for LCR.

Help us maintain quality collections and safe environments.

For more information, including full policies for behaviours listed below, visit:

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Loud and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Quiet conversation and collaborative work is allowed in designated areas. Quiet study areas do not allow noise and/or conversation – if your neighbour can hear you, you are being too loud. Cell phones are permitted in some locations, however, it is expected that ringers be silenced and conversation is quiet and respectful. Please comply with noise guidelines and cell phone restrictions for the location in which you are working.

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Foods that are usually eaten hot, can disturb others around you, emit odours, and/or are messy (hot food) are only allowed in café areas where food and beverages are sold. Beverages must be in closed, spill-proof containers. Patrons are required to comply with signage and staff requests regarding where and when food and/or covered drinks can be consumed. Please consume food in a responsible manner and dispose trash in the waste and recycling containers provided. 

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A workstation is defined as a computer station or study seat (e.g., study carrels, seats at tables, etc.). Priority is given to patrons who are present and using workstations for academic use. Parking (leaving your belongings unattended for the purposes of saving a space) and/or saving seats for others is not permitted. If the workstation remains unused for 30 minutes, staff may remove belongings – both to protect the safety of your property and in consideration of those waiting for a workstation.

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Patrons are expected to make all reasonable attempts to return overdue items, particularly when holds have been placed on the material by other users. Used materials should be left on tables for staff to reshelve - doing so helps reduce lost items. Resources are for individual research and scholarship only – copyright restrictions apply. Excessive downloading, sharing of login information, concealment, modification, intentional damage, and theft of LCR resources is prohibited.


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Cell Phone Use
Cell phones are permitted in most locations, however, it is expected that ringers be silenced and conversation is quiet and respectful. No cell phone conversations are allowed in the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources or Centre for Arts and Culture (5th floor Taylor Family Digital Library).

Noise and Conversation

Quiet conversation

  • Doucette Library of Teaching Resources
  • Downtown Campus Library
  • Gallagher Library
  • Business Library (with exception of quiet area)
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Bennett Jones Law Library group study rooms (reserved for law students and faculty)
  • Taylor Family Digital Library 1st-3rd Floors (with exception of Quiet Study Room 250D)

Quiet conversation areas are intended to encourage collaborative work. In respect for other users, students should refrain from loud or disruptive conversations or other noisy behaviours.

Quiet study

  • Bennett Jones Law Library mezzanine and 1st floor
  • Business Library quiet area
  • Taylor Family Digital Library Quiet Study Room (Room 250D) and 4th-6th Floors

In designated quiet study areas, no noise or conversation is tolerated. If your neighbour can hear you, you’re being too loud. Please turn down the volume on your headphones or take your conversation into a different space