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Visualization Studio

Vis WallThe Visualization Studio is a state-of-the-art digital facility created to support faculty and graduate researchers. Its primary feature is a high-resolution display wall with surround sound. The studio is designed to provide researchers with significant visual real estate for working with digital information. The display's 34.5 million pixels allow for insight and overview that is impossible to achieve with a desktop monitor or standard projector.

Through discussions with faculty, we foresee exciting uses for the Visualization Wall: biologists examining the smallest sub-cellular details in microscopic imagery; urban planners viewing entire road corridors while still being able to discern sidewalks, power lines, and even lane markings; artists examining dynamic digital art; astronomers analyzing deep-space telescopic imagery; and sociologists digging into huge spreadsheets of data.

Studio Specifications

The Visualization Studio' display wall is made up of 5x3 arrangement of 15 projectors...

Using the Studio

The Visualization Studio is designed for use by faculty, graduate students and other collaborators...

Case Studies

How has the Visualization Studio been used?Dan Perry in Excerpts from Clem and Olivier Martini’s Bitter Medicine

Studio Bookings

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