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Payment by the Open Access Authors Fund

In most cases, Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) will pay article processing charges (APCs) on behalf of University of Calgary authors.  Authors should send invoices to the Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication Librarian as soon as they receive them from the publisher.  Invoices will be put into the payment pipeline in LCR quickly.

Invoices are paid within a 30-day window.  This is the norm for both the university and academic publishing worlds.  Payment is made by either cheque or bank transfer and usually reaches the publisher a few days before the 30-day deadline.  If payment does not arrive by 30 days, LCR will investigate and work to resolve the situation.  It is possible to do rush payments on occasion but these still take 7-9 working days for payment to reach the publisher.  Rush payments cannot be done regularly.

Reimbursements for article processing charges paid by authors may be possible.  However, reimbursements are not the optimum payment method as they add more hassle for all involved and can take up to two months for payment to be made.  Reimbursements are only allowed with permission of the Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication Librarian or their designate.  Authors should contact the Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication Librarian or their designate before making any APC payments to publishers.

Some publishers request that payment be made (much) quicker than the 30 day norm, sometimes in as little as a few days or even immediately.  In some cases, strangely, these are publishers that LCR regularly pays in 30 days for purchasing subscription journals, databases, and other products.  LCR is unable to meet these short payment periods.  Publishers must either agree to work with a 30-day window or authors will need to turn to other sources to pay article processing charge invoices.

Publishers will also sometimes send regular and multiple email messages asking about the status of APC payments.  These messages are usually automated.  While they are annoying, authors are requested to ignore these emails unless the 30-day window has passed.  LCR is working with publishers to stop these messages being sent to authors.

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For more information, please contact:

Christie Hurrell, MA, MLIS
Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication Librarian
University of Calgary | Taylor Family Digital Library| 2500 University Drive | Calgary AB T2N 1N4