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VPA Instructor Services

Video Bookings

To show a video in class, book it in advance, pick it up from and return it to the Visual & Performing Arts desk. (Com/Media provides classroom equipment services.)

Advance booking of videos for borrowing and in-house viewing is available to instructors but not required.

To book a video, email (preferred), call 403-220-6162 or visit the Visual & Performing Arts desk, TFDL 3rd floor.

If you would like to plan all your video requirements for a whole semester just write it up and email (preferred) or fax to 403-210-9129.

Educational Use of Films

The new (June 2012) Canadian copyright legislation includes exceptions for educational use of videos without acquiring public performance rights, e.g. classroom and other non-commercial educational viewings on campus - of any legitimate copy of a commercial video; e.g. VP Arts copies, your personal copy, or copies from retail/rental commercial outlets. 

NOTE: This does NOT include television shows (time shifting) - for which see the movie copyright page.


We recommend that you request Reserve status for sound recordings and videos that are required or recommended listening/viewing for a particular course. 

We will then put a Reserve note into the Library Catalogue record for the item, e.g. MUHL305 LEC1 W2012 SALLIS F.  Video Reserve titles are assigned the three-hour in-house loan period while sound recording Reserve titles are assigned the two-hour in-house loan period - for the duration of the course.

This enables students to find a list of course materials by searching the course number, ensures that the items are available (not signed out), and alerts VP Arts staff to potential heavy-use titles.

Please submit reserve requests well in advance of the start of the semester - for the benefit of your students. Although we will accept requests at any time of the year, the turnaround time will vary depending on demands on our limited staff.

Purchase of Educational Video for the Visual & Performing Arts Collection

Video collection development activities are coordinated through the Visual & Performing Arts unit however requests can also be made in consultation with your subject liaison librarian.

Collection development is largely driven by suggestions from instructors.

We are able to fund the complete cost of videos (depending on current budget) on a first-come, first-served basis providing the materials are housed in the Visual & Performing Arts video collection to be shared.

We ask that you submit your video suggestions to us well in advance in writing (email or hardcopy):

  • by May 15th for the Fall term
  • by Sept. 15 for the Winter term
  • by Feb. 15 for the Spring and Summer terms

Please include:

  • As much information about the video as possible, including title, director, and producer as well as URL to such information if available
  • Reason for request (e.g. needed for a specific course - include course number, semester, and year; supports numerous courses; etc.) and date needed
  • Your name, department and contact information

Please let us know if you wish to have a Reserve course note added to the Library Catalogue record for the video. Reserve video titles normally receive the three-hr loan period.

If no course information is provided for a Reserve note, then the video will normally receive a one-week loan period

To identify video titles on the market to support your teaching and/or research, see Video Vendors' Web Sites or ask to see the many video vendor catalogues we receive in the Visual & Performing Arts unit.

Send your video acquisitions requests to: Leslie Moore (403-220-6146, or

Video Interlibrary Loans for Classroom Use

Visual & Performing Arts has borrowing agreements with Mount Royal University, SAIT, The Alberta College of Art & Design, and the University of Lethbridge libraries. This service is provided for instructors only for the purpose of classroom use.

Borrowing Videos from Local Institutions for Classroom Use at U of C or borrowing from the three local institutions below, two days notice is required. There is a $15.00 round-trip courier charge payable by the ordering department internally.

Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD)

  • Video collection of over 1000 items
  • Library Catalogue: Enter Library - Choose Advanced Search - From top right of screen choose Video / DVD Search - Type in keyword for subject, title or such as appropriate.

Mount Royal University (MRU)

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

University of Lethbridge (any costs payable by requestor)

For borrowing from the University of Alberta, please follow the central Interlibrary Loans process via the main TFDL Circulation Desk.

Lending Videos to Non-UofC Institutions

  • Courier arranged and paid for by requesting institution. One-day notice required for local Calgary institutions; more notice required for out-of-town institutions (one week minimum).
UofC Music Ensemble Directors

LCR manages the ensemble music collections for you through the SAMPL: Southern Alberta Music Performance Library service. The SAMPL service is provided at the Visual & Performing Arts desk, TFDL330. For further information, refer to the SAMPL LibGuide.