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Northern Studies

This guide will assist researchers in locating information resources as they relate to the north.

Try These Databases First

Northern Studies research is by it's very nature interdisciplinary.  The following is a select list of databases that can be used to locate articles relating to northern studies.  These databases include citations to journal articles, conference papers, reports, maps, theses and in some cases the full text of the item.
For more specialized coverage of a topic or discipline, refer to the research databases listing by subject area.
General Northern Studies Databases
Academic Search Complete   
Provides coverage of some 4300 periodicals with full-text of some 2600 peer-reviewed scholarly publications covering many academic areas of study, including social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, and ethnic studies.
Indexing of 1500 general interest, trade and scholarly publications in all major academic programs.   
Sociological Abstracts (via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)    
Covers sociology and related disciplines by including bibliographic citations, abstracts and enhanced dissertation citations.  
Polar Databases
Arctic and Antarctic Regions
Contains the world's largest collection of international polar databases. The following databases are accessible through this site: ASTIS, Cold Region bibliography, C-CORE, Citation (World Data Center A for Glaciology [Snow & Ice]), SPRI, USBGN Antarctic place names, BOREAL, BOREAL Northern titles, Yukon bibliography, and, INAC. Online coverage includes 1800-present.
Arctic Blue Books    
Index to the 19th Century British Parliamentary Papers concerned with the Canadian Arctic.  
Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS)    
Indexes publications and research projects about northern Canada.  
This database provides international coverage of literature in physical geopgraphy, geology, oceanography, geomechanics and glaciology from 1993 - present.
SPRILIB Antarctica    
Comprehensive coverage of Antarctic literature from 1602 to 1962, plus coverage of books and reports from 1963 to 1996.  
Glaciological literature from 1661 to the present, relating to all aspects of ice and snow worldwide.
SPRILIB Russian North    
Covers all subjects about European and Asian Northern Russia and the seas north of Russia from 1671 to the present.  
Canadian North
Canadian Periodical Index CPI.Q.    
Canadian and international periodicals, with emphasis on mainstream and academic titles.  
Canadian Research Index (Microlog) (2. via CIRC)    
Provides citations and abstracts for publications issued by the federal government and the governments of the ten provinces and three territories, including policy papers, statistical reports, annual reports, and research papers. Also includes information on Canadian dissertations.  
CBCA Complete (Canadian Business & Current Affairs Databases)    
CBCA Complete is comprised of CBCA Business, CBCA Current Events, CBCA Education, and CBCA Reference. Subject coverage is comprehensive. Areas covered include: current events, business, education, science and medicine, arts, law, academia, and lifestyles, all with a Canadian focus.  
Northern news services online    
Includes full text of current stories, editorials, sports and other special features from all six NNSL newspapers: Nunavut news/North, Kivalliq news, Inuvik drum, Deh Cho drum, Northwest Territories news/North and the Yellowknifer.
Search Engines
Google Scholar
Provides access to scholarly sources.

Google Scholar

Easy access to the peer-reviewed literature in the Geosciences

Popular vs Scholarly Journals

Research Support Guides

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Northern Studies, you may need to consult other subject areas for comprehensive coverage of your topic. 
Canadian Studies  Link to the Library's Canadian Studies web pages.
Environmental Science   Link to the Library's Environmental Science web pages.
History and Culture
The Nickle Arts Museum has a good collection of works by northern artists and about the north. 
Search the collection
Use the subject "Inuit Art" to locate most of the items that are related to the north.  If you would like to use any of the works in your research or for your class, please contact Lisa Tillotson, Registrar of the Nickle Arts Museum, at 220-4134 or
Special Collections has some unique historical collections from the Arctic Institute of North America, and the Candian Royal Commission on Energy to name a few.  There are also references to the Arctic and the North in some of the personal archives.  For assistance in accessing these collections contact Apollonia Steele at 220-5972 or
Access the collection
Indigenous Studies  Link to the Library's Indigenous Studies web pages.
Bibliography of Native North Americans    
Indexes monographs, essays, journal articles, dissertations and government publications covering native American topics and issues, including education, anthropology, psychology, political science, sociology, and legal and medical research.  
Land Claims and Self Government
Link to the Virtual Law Library for assistance in locating information on land claims settlements and self government issues.

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