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Tutorials related to finding currency, commodity, equity, energy, economic data


Bloomberg provides extensive information on global publicly traded companies.

The yellow <Equity> key will direct you to the main menu for equities.

To call up the main menu for a company, begin typing the company name at the blue flashing cursor. A list of   possible securities will appear at the bottom of the screen. Look for the appropriate ticker, country code and the "Equity" classification, (e.g. ECA CN Equity).
If you know the company ticker symbol you may simply enter the ticker and country code and then hit the yellow <Equity> key.

If you know the company ticker symbol and command code, you may go directly to the information that you want.

Type the ticker symbol, country code, <Equity> key, command code <GO>
e.g. ECA CN <Equity> FA <GO> for financial analysis for Encana Corp.

Commonly used command codes:
DES - company description
FA - financial analysis
GP - historical stock price graph
HP - historical stock price table
BETA - Beta
ANR - analyst recommendations
RV - relative value (peer group)
DVD - dividend summary
CN - company news
MA - mergers and acquisitions
SPLC - supply chain

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