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Tutorials related to finding currency, commodity, equity, energy, economic data

Industry Information

Bloomberg Industries content may be accessed using the command BI INDUSTRY <GO>.   Click on the preferred sector from the list.  Results can be narrowed further within the sector.

Below is an example of market share of the Automobile Industry in North America.  Sales units and market share % are provided for the various makes of automobiles such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford GM, Honda, etc.


Industry Information

The menu on the left-hand side of the page includes three parts:

ANALYSIS - You can find various types of ANALYSIS on most industries. 

  • Industry - Basics - provide the basics on an industry; for the automotive industry, reports include auto demand, auto leasing growth and consumer demand for vehicles.

DATA LIBRARY - Use the DATA LIBRARY to find STATISTICS, for example:

  • Market Share - provides ranked  company revenues
  • The Macro option provides economic data that drive the industry, as well as industry specific statistical information

MONITOR - The MONITOR section includes News/Research and additional data.


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