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This guide will help you access the University of Calgary Library's eBook collections.

How to Use

Safari Books Online focuses primarily on technology books such as information technology, computer manuals, digital media, web and mobile development, programming, engineering, and math & science. Access the collection below.

This is an example of an ebook in the Safari platform. Safari is one of the secondary platforms for ebooks at the University of Calgary, provided by ProQuest.

Here users can view bibliographic information, table of contents and jump to a specific chapter, book overview & reviews, similar available titles, and other extras.


1. Search within Book 7. Thumbnail View 12. Get URL
2. Contents 8. Zoom Options 13. Toggle to Full Screen
3. Toggle Sidebar 9. Two Pages View 14. Back/Next Page
4. Email this page 10. Scrolling Options 15. Help
5. Print 11. Fit Page Options 16. Sign In
6. HTML View    

Benefits & Features

A personal account can save you time. Safari Books Online can let you organize and keep track of your favorite titles, add notes and bookmarks as you read, tag books and pages, and much more.

  • Favorites Folders
  • Notes and Highlighting
  • Bookmarks
  • Tags
  • Printable, Custom Summary
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Search and Smart Folders


Downloading ebooks in Safari is not permitted.

Individual pages can be Saved to PDF for printing purposes.

Safari can be accessed on mobile devices by visiting:


Searching within an eBook is a powerful tool to access relevant information on your research topic. You can search from either (1) the detail page or (2) once within the eBook. 

1. Search from Detail Page

2. Search from within eBook

Search Results

After inputting a search, you’ll see a list of pages that contain the content you've searched for. You can choose to filter results by Order of Appearance (Sequential) or Relevancy.

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What is Safari Books?

Safari Books Online offers ebooks in a platform provided by ProQuest. Safari primarily contains books in the technology, creative, and business disciplines.

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