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What is bibliographic or citation management software?

This type of software enables you to organize and format your journal article citations. In conjunction with your word processing software, you are able to write, cite, and produce bibliographies. Bibliographic software has the ability to organize your work in hundreds of writing styles, including APA 6th edition.


Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.


  • Freely available application that you can install on your desktop or use on the web
  • Ability to sync your library across multiple computers, on the web, and on iPhone/iPad
  • Works on any operating system 
  • Read and annotate PDFs
  • Import and organize PDFs stored on your hard drive or other citation management software
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share papers, notes and annotations
  • Export to other citation management software, or create bibliographies instantly in 1000+ citation styles

Mendeley Libguide

Mendeley Basics

Mendeley Desktop client must be downloaded to your computer.  You can download the client on more than one computer.

Use Mendeley Desktop to sync with your Mendeley Web.

What Does Mendeley Desktop do:

  • Import PDF articles with drag and drop
    • The citation information will automatically be extracted and organized by title, author, year, journal name, etc.  This information is only as accurate as what the publisher provides.  It’s a good idea to check the citation information once you have imported it into Mendeley and correct any errors and/or omissions.
  • Interfaces with Word to include in-text citations and seamlessly create your bibliography
    • Install MS Word Plugin
  • Organizes your library
    • save articles in specific folders


Mendeley Web replicates your Mendeley desktop library, allowing you to add new documents, download your documents and manage your collections online.

What does Mendeley Web do?

  • Import citations from databases (e.g. Google Scholar, PubMed, SportDiscus, etc)
    • For the first time, go to  Drag the “Save to Mendeley” button to your bookmark toolbar.
    • Find the article you want on the web.  Click the “Save to Mendeley” bookmark.  The article details will display on the right hand side of the page.  If all looks good, click the “Save” button.
    • The PDF (full text) may not upload into Mendeley (depends on access)
  • Read, comment, and annotate PDFs (articles)
  • Search for keywords in your fulltext articles
  • Search for articles in Mendeley's online research catalog
    • Click the "magnifying glass" beside your login name and search Mendeley's vast library
  • Discover articles that are trending in your subject area
    • Click "suggest" to see what articles are suggested that match your subject areas
  • Search for or create public groups in your areas of interest
  • Create a public profile to promote your work & contact other researchers around the world

What can't you do with Mendeley Web?

  • Work with Word documents to insert citations & format citations & bibliographies.
  • Drag and drop PDFs

Organizing Your Library

  • Add papers to a folder by clicking on them in the main panel, and pressing the 'Add to' button which appears at the top of the center panel. Choose the appropriate folder using the popup menu which appears.

Mendeley Tutorials

Below are tutorials useful for learning Mendeley.

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