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Métis Studies

This is a guide for researchers to showcase resources on Métis history, culture, language, genealogy and more.

Métis-focused Courses

HTST 443 - The Métis People of Canada: An interdisciplinary study of the Métis people of Canada, with special emphasis on the historical, social, economic, and poltiical factors influencing their emergence and continued survival as a distinct indigenous group in Canada.

>> Please contact the Department of History for more information.


INDG 201 - Introduction to Indigenous Studies: A multi-disciplinary, theoretical and empirical overview of the situations, perspectives, and aspirations of selected Indigenous peoples with a focus on the Canadian context.

>> Please contact International Indigenous Studies for more information.


EDUC 530 - Indigenous Education: Students will be introduced to the national and international experiences and advances of Indigenous peoples as related to education. Particular attention will be given to understanding the histories and diversity of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples of Canada and the concomitant implications that this has for education policy and practice.

>> Please contact the Department of Education for more information.


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