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We'll be BACK on site, but NOT just yet!

Check this site regularly for updates on what onsite services we are restoring.

LCR is part of the overall University of Calgary re-entry strategy. We are working to restore some essential services as quickly as possible in a way that is safe for you - our users- and our staff and in the context of the overall campus re-entry plan. We will continue to offer our suite of online services and will also be expanding access to online books and resources. Virtual service hours today: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Physical locations remain closed. You can return your books to the exterior book drop on the East side of the TFDL. More information on the Covid 19 page.

Libraries & Cultural Resources COVID-19 Update

Check back here regularly for the latest COVID-19 updates from Libraries & Cultural Resources



  1. Field of Study (FoS) students should be prioritized for access to Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) materials. 
  2. Students are responsible for locating materials for their FoS examinations and must use the LCR Intake Form (accessed here: in order to alert LCR of the materials required. Some resources are available electronically. LCR will work with FoS students to supply them with required physical resources, where possible. LCR will attempt to source required materials that are not in the collection; however, some may not be accessible—consequently, there will be materials on which students simply cannot be examined.
  3. Programmes that prescribe a range for the number of materials instead of a prescribed number, may consider adopting the lower possible number of required materials.
  4. Bibliographies required for upcoming FoS exams should be sent to LCR with additional time (and prior notice, if possible) to account for delays in sourcing materials and to minimize pressure on LCR staff. When possible, bibliographies should be sent to LCR well in advance of the examination period. In this case, a student’s supervisor may send a provisional FoS bibliography to LCR, and then follow it up with the final examinable list (each version must be numbered and dated). Bibliographies are to be sent to
  5. Once the student has completed and submitted the LCR Intake Form, LCR will notify the supervisor and student within 1 week if any of the required materials are not available. If LCR identifies any materials as not available, they should be removed from the FoS bibliography and substitute materials, if available, should be identified by the supervisor/supervisory committee. Students must be informed in writing (via email) of the final list of materials on which they will be examined. Materials that are not available to students may not be examined.   In all cases, examiners and neutral chairs must be informed of what is in/out of bounds for the exam.
  6. Wherever possible, every effort must be made to ensure students are not delayed in their admission to candidacy, should they wish to proceed with their FoS exam. Students can choose to delay, but supervisors/supervisory committees/programs cannot choose for them or put them in a precarious position that forces a delay in the candidacy process.

Additional LCR resources for students and supervisors:

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