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This Guide - Library Resources for CHEM 371


This guide links you to resources for your labs.

Books | Dictionaries, Handbooks & Encyclopedias | Research Databases | Selected Journals | Thermodynamics (Chem pages) | Spectra (Chem pages) | Kinetics (Chem pages)
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Books can be found using the library catalogue. Books on physical chemistry can also be found by browsing the catalogue by subject:
Physical chemistry books are found under the call numbers:
  • Chemistry, physical and theoretical: QD 450-731 
  • Thermochemistry: QD 511-536
  • Thermodynamics: QC 310.15-319
  • Second law of thermodynamics: QC 318 .E57
  • Chemical equilibrium: QD 501
  • Entropy: QC 318.E57
  • Electrochemistry: QD 273 (organic chem); QD553-585 (physical and theoretical chem)
  • Chemical kinetics: QD 502

Electronic books can be found using the "Big Search Box" on our homepage. A subset of these can be accessed and searched on ProQuest Ebook Central (formerly ebrary), Wiley Interscience, and SpringerLink.


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Selected Journals


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