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Data Management

Research data, whether made up of spreadsheets, interview transcripts, image collections, digital records, or other material is crucial to your research career


What is data management?

Proper data management will save you time and headaches at all stages of the research process. We can help with you creating a data management plan, providing best practices data management advice, making your datasets discoverable in data repositories, as well as with documentation and metadata standards.

What does data management include?

  • Designating responsibilities of all parties involved in performing the research.
  • Determining how data will be securely stored and backed up.
  • Utilizing file formats that allow for data re-use, sharing, and long-term access.
  • Creating documentation and standardized metadata to ensure collaborators and potentially other scholars can make use of your data.
  • Identifying how (or if) your data may be shared for verification, re-use, or other purposes.
  • Ensuring that any shared data does not reveal confidential information.

Where is it located?

Lab NEXT located on the third floor TFDL


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John Brosz

John Brosz

Research Data & Visualization Coordinator

Kathryn Ruddock

Kathryn Ruddock

Manager, Digitization & Repository Services

Heather Ganshorn

Heather Ganshorn

Librarian, Research Data Management