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What is PRISM Data: UCalgary's Data Repository?

PRISM Data is a data repository hosted through Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository, a service of Scholars Portal and supported by UCalgary's Libraries and Cultural Resources. PRISM Data enables scholars to easily deposit data, create data-specific metadata for searchability and publish their datasets.

In PRISM Data, scholars can:

  1. Meet funding and journal requirements to share data.
  2. Store many types of data, including: Tabular data (CSV, SPSS, R, etc), Documentation (pdf, doc, text, code), Geospatial data, Multimedia (audio-visual)
  3. Create a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so your data is a citable research output for publications and CV.
  4. Increase the impact and visibility of your research data through worldwide dissemination.
  5. Preserve a copy of your data in a stable environment.
  6. Track usage of your data through statistics and metrics.
  7. Set permissions and licenses for your data.

To use PRISM Data: 

  1. Login with your University of Calgary credentials.
  2. Add data

If you need any help, please contact

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