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Food and Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are allowed in most of Libraries and Cultural Resources’ public spaces, with some exceptions. Hot food is defined as foods that are usually eaten hot, can disturb others around you, emit odours, and/or are messy. Beverages must be in closed, spill-proof containers.

Hot food + beverages
  • Taylor Family Digital Library café area (1st Floor)
  • Cold snacks only on Floors 3 to 6 and in collaborative work rooms
  • Covered beverages permitted throughout the building

     Cold snacks include muffins, cookies, fruit and chips.
     Sandwiches and salads are considered meals, not snacks. 
     Hot food, sandwiches and salads are not permitted in work rooms or on the upper floors.

    Individuals eating meals and hot food in work rooms or on floors 3 to 6 will be asked to go to designated areas on the 1st or 2nd floor to finish eating. 
    Those who don’t comply will be asked to leave the building.

Cold snacks
  • Bennett Jones Law Library (with exception of Special Collections Room)
  • Business Library
  • Gallagher Library
  • Health Sciences Library public areas (except Computer Classrooms)
  • Most of the Taylor Family Digital Library (see exceptions below)
Beverages only
  • Doucette Library of Teaching Resources
  • Health Sciences Library Computer Classrooms
  • Taylor Family Digital Library
    • Quiet Study Room (2nd Floor, Room 250D)
    • Learning Rooms (4th Floor, 403, 405, 440A, 440B, 440C, 440D)
    • Alan H. MacDonald Graduate Commons
No food or beverage
  • Health Sciences Library History of Medicine room
  • Bennett Jones Law Library Special Collections Room
  • Taylor Family Digital Library
    • Centre for Arts and Culture (5th Floor)
    • Preview Room (Room 340F)
    • One Button Studio (Room 340E)
    • Audiovisual Edit Suites (Rooms 340A, 340B, 340C, 340D)
    • Makerspace (3rd floor)
    • Nickle Galleries (1st Floor)
  • The Military Museums Library and Archives

Please consume food in a responsible manner and dispose of waste in the compost, garbage and recycling containers provided – let’s work together to keep our spaces clean. Patrons who do not respect this policy will be asked to dispose of their food or beverages immediately, or if unresponsive, to leave the library.

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