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Meeting Space Booking Guide

These rooms are for University of Calgary Faculty and Staff use only.

Student bookings

Priority for booking meeting rooms in the Taylor Family Digital Library is given to the regular programs, services and meetings of Libraries and Cultural Resources and their partners within the Taylor Family Digital Library. Once the requirements for regular programs, services and meetings have been met, Libraries and Cultural Resources will make its meeting rooms available to others for meetings. Preference for booking is given to:

  • Libraries and Cultural Resources and their partners
  • The University of Calgary (faculties, departments, organizations and institutes)

Please note that we are unable to host classes, fundraisers, events that are commercial in nature, student groups and meetings, or concerts/recitals. In order to support multiple meeting needs, we may not be able to accommodate week long bookings or recurring bookings.

Space Usage Terms and Conditions

In order to maintain the meeting rooms in the Taylor Family Digital Library as a leading space for meetings on campus, the following terms and conditions apply. Please note that in the event of any damage, additional clean up required, or a lost key card, a fee will be assessed for noncompliance with the following policies:

Booking Times

  1. Events must occur Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-8:00 pm.  We cannot open early for event set-up.  Bookings can be made up to three months in advance.

Access Cards/Key Cards

  1. Meeting facilitators/moderators are responsible for safe keeping of meeting room access cards.
  2. A $25 fee will be levied against the department named on the request form for lost or misplaced access cards.

Furniture and Caretaking

  1. Users are responsible for general tidy-up and removal of excess garbage.
  2. To avoid damage to cables and A/V equipment, furniture may not be moved within the meeting rooms. Furniture may not be removed from the meeting rooms either.
  3. Tables may not be set up outside of the meeting rooms, as it disrupts the students studying in the space.

Food and Drink

  1. Food and drink are permitted in the meeting rooms, but no hot foods are allowed. Hot beverages are permitted. There is no access to kitchen facilities.
  2. Users are responsible for booking their own catering.
  3. Please do not leave leftover food or any disposable food containers in the meeting rooms or at the Main Desk. Coordinate with the caterer for pickup of these items immediately following your meeting. When food is delivered the caterer and the booking party are responsible for cleanup and disposal.

Audio and Video Resources

  1. Meeting rooms TFDL 410 and 412 come equipped with a ceiling mounted projector and a PC (as well as a hookup for a laptop).  Meeting room TFDL 637 is set up as a Zoom room and comes equipped with a camera, microphones, a ceiling mounted projector, and a PC (as well as a hookup for a laptop).
  2. Any audio visual equipment and services needed beyond these basics are available for use upon request.  Fees may apply for services such as on-site support for the duration of your meeting.
  3. During regular weekday business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm), standard A/V support is included during the set up period of your event, if equipment has been requested.
  4. Support for TFDL 410 and 412 is through Libraries and Cultural Resources, support for TFDL 637 is through Comm/Media.

Event Signage and Other Provisions

  1. Directional and digital signage must be coordinated with LCR Communications (
  2. Posters may not be taped, tacked or glued to the walls within the meeting rooms or around the Taylor Family Digital Library.
  3. Unauthorized signage and posters will be removed and the room user will be billed for all damage incurred.
  4. Each meeting room has one whiteboard. No other provisions for flipcharts, photocopying or faxing are available.
  5. No storage space is available. Items left in the room after events will be sent to the Lost and Found area in the Taylor Family Digital Library.

Conference Related Activities

The Taylor Family Digital Library is not a conference services facilities. We do recognize that certain conference activities would uniquely benefit from using the specialized spaces and technologies within the Taylor Family Digital Library. Arrangements for conference related activities will be made on a case by case basis. A charge of $250.00 may apply for multi-day events that use multiple spaces within the building simultaneously.

Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) Foyer

Concurrent events cannot be accommodated and bookings will be limited to one event at a time. Tables and displays for events in the Foyer must be located on the north wall, under the digital display, and must not be moved. Paper signage must not impede traffic, or obstruct digital displays in any way. 


For meetings and events hosted in the TFDL building that include guests from off-campus institutions, Library Administration requires a meeting room request form to be filled out. Information should include the nature and purpose of the event. The information is forwarded to Campus Security and allows them the opportunity to conduct a security audit and to flag any potential issues that may arise. Campus Security takes a particular interest in events involving minors, potential controversial speakers or topics, and any events where alcohol is expected to be served. The information is forwarded to Campus Security, who will conduct the audit. 

At any point, if Campus Security determines the event is not appropriate or safe for the university community, the request to use library facilities will be denied. All audits from Campus Security are binding and non-negotiable. 

Third Party Bookings

Bookings made on behalf of another department and/or institution are not recommended, as any damage to the space will be billed back to the department that requested the space on behalf of the other party.

Taylor Family Digital Library

Available Meeting Spaces

Please note: In order to gain access to the meeting room an access card needs to be signed out from the Museo Desk located on the 1st floor of the TFDL.  For room setup click on room number.  Key cards must be returned to the Museo Desk after your meeting.  After 5:00 pm please return the key card to the Integrated Services Desk (located on the 1st floor of TFDL).


Room Room Description **Room bookings include the use of in-room AV equipment and podiums. Capacity
Meeting Room 410 Boardroom style comes equipped with a PC (or bring laptop). Connect through Airtame.  100 inch display available in the room. Whiteboard & speakerphone available. Seats 15 people
Meeting Room 412 Boardroom style comes equipped with a PC, an LCD projector, audio, VGA hookup for laptop, RCA hookup for a video source, and speakerphone. Seats 16 people
Meeting Room 508 No technology available in this room.  Boardroom style with seating for 14 people. Seats 14 people
Meeting Room 637 Boardroom style comes equipped with a PC, an LCD projector, audio, VGA hookup for laptop, RCA hookup for a video source, and speakerphone. Please note this is our only room available with "zoom" capability. Seats 18 people
TFDL Foyer Banquet table set up, two tables’ maximum with four chairs. Electrical access in floor.  N/A
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