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Can I use copyrighted material in class?

Text, images, video and music are usually copyright material whether published or found on the Internet. Ensure that all material used in coursework and handouts follows the principles of the Copyright Act.

There are few educational exemptions in this Act. However, you may scan material into a Powerpoint presentation to be projected in class without requesting permission.

Electronic resources purchased by Libraries and Cultural Resources
In general, follow the relevant contract, licence or agreement. Where use is permitted, a statement of attribution should always be displayed on copies.

Other electronic resources (e.g. DVD, Internet material)
Provide a URL to the website. If printing material, contact the copyright owner for use unless noted otherwise on the material. Just because something is posted on the web does not mean it is always free to use.

Course packs involving material compiled from various sources to be sold or distributed to students

  • Bring/send copies of the original material to the Bookstore along with a completed photocopy log. Permissions will be requested by the Bookstore staff so printing may take longer than in the past.
  • Use links to digital material to avoid royalty and printing charges.
  • Use public domain and Open Access materials. Include them on the photocopy log and note that they are public domain or Open Access, so royalties will not be added.
  • Get permissions yourself. Do not include this on the photocopy log, but do include a record of permission.
  • Use your own work. Do not include this on photocopy log, but do mark the work accordingly.

 Royalty-Free/Educational Use 

The following links will take you to content that can be used royalty free. Check the terms of use for each resource, as some have restrictions (e.g. non-commercial, attribution) or terms may change without notice.


Educational Materials




Links & Files


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