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What are Web Archiving Services?

Web Archiving is the capture, retention, and dissemination of live websites so that they can be managed and preserved for the future.

Web Archiving Services and associated Web Archive Collections are managed by Digital Preservation Services with the goal of preserving the research, teaching and learning and cultural websites created by UCalgary Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Web Archive Collections

  • Open Educational Resources Web Archives: 
    The Open Educational Resources collection is meant to preserve a copy of web-based open educational resources produced by UCalgary faculty.
  • Research Projects Web Archives: 
    The Research Projects collection is meant to preserve a copy of websites produced by research teams, faculty, staff, and students at the University of Calgary.
  • Theses Web Archives: 
    The Theses collection is meant to preserve a copy of websites produced to complement traditional print-based theses by UCalgary Graduate students.
  • University of Calgary Web Archives: 
    The UCalgary Web Archives collection is meant to preserve the cultural heritage of our institution as represented on university websites.
  • COVID-19 Southern Alberta:
    This collection is meant to preserve websites created to disseminate information about the COVID-19 pandemic and it's effects in Southern Alberta.

To propose a site for our collections send us a web archive request or contact for a consultation. For more information on our policies see Web Archiving Policies.

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