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How do I print from the library computers?

Guest Logins are only available in the TFDL but can be used in our other branch locations.


Students, Faculty, and Staff

1. LOAD: Put money on your Unicard or check your balance at Unicard My Account.
2. SEND document one of 3 ways:

  • From public computer: Logon to a computer using your IT username and password. Open and send your document(s) to the print queue called STUDENT on itctspcp06. Logout when you are done!
  • From your personal device: Install the printer on your device (iOS, Android, etc.) using the Printer Link.
  • From your @ucalgary email to **** with your document specifications.

3. TAP: Go to the printer and tap your Unicard on the card reader on the RIGHT of the top of the printer.
4. PRINT: Select Print Release to open your jobs, modify settings, see the cost of your print, etc. 

5. LOGOUT of printer: Tap card again or select LOGOUT on the screen.


Guest Users (for all users signed on a library computer with a Guest Login)


1. Logon to a library computer using a Guest Login.


2. Send your document(s) to the print queue called STUDENT on ITCTSEQITRAC01.


3. A box will open called Equitrac Express and prompt you for an ID and password. Your ID is the number on the front of your guest print card with two zeros added to the front. Your password is the barcode on the back of your card.


4. Go to the printer and swipe your guest print card (face up) in the card reader attached to the printer.


5. Select Unicard.


6. Select Login.


7. Select Follow You Printing, select your print jobs, and select Start.


8. When done, select Logout.


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