Storage of records

Archives offers storage of university (corporate) records that are no longer needed on a daily basis in campus offices, but may still be referred to occasionally for a limited period of time (until final disposition through either destruction or transfer to archival collections). Different storage methods depend on the type of records being stored:

Permanent Records

University (corporate) records that warrant permanent retention are stored by the Archives free-of-charge.  Contact us to determine whether the records have permanent value.

Limited Term Storage (LTS)

University (corporate) records that do not have permanent value are stored off-site.  These are records that may still need to be retained for a limited period of time due to continuing administrative, financial or legal reasons.  There is no charge for annual storage for LTS records, however the Archives does charge for providing boxes that are of acceptable size for our offsite storage location.  The University Archives will track the retention of records transferred for Limited Term Storage and destroy them once their retention period is over.

Research (RE)

University units and faculty members who have a need to store research and/or teaching materials for a certain period of time can transfer these records to the University Archives.  These records will be stored offsite and costs for storage will be charged back annually to the unit or the faculty member.