Class Record Books

UCLASS Primary: AC235 – Evaluation of Students

Retention Rule Number: Specific Retention Rule 2000.13

Function/Activity: To document the collection and recording of interim and final student grades.

Description/Type of Records: Class record books, accompanying printouts.

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) Retention Disposition
Faculties and Departments
     Class record books: 5 years Confidential shred or delete
     Data entry disks: Until entry complete Destroy
     Unclaimed books: 1 semester after grade submission Confidential shred or delete
     Lab exemption books: 10 years maximum Confidential shred or delete
Office of Secondary Responsibility (OSR) Retention Disposition
Instructors 2 years Confidential shred or delete

Restrictions: Unrestricted

Approval Information:

  • Jo-Ann Munn Gafuik, University Archivist
  • Bonnie Woelk, University Records Committee (Chair)

8 July 1998