Insurance Claims

UCLASS Primary: GV300 – Insurance

Retention Rule Number: Specific Retention Rule 2011.02

Function/Activity: To document the reporting, acceptance, adjusting, and settlement or closure of all liability insurance claims, non-property and non-liability insurance claims, and property claims where the property was either owned by or under the care, custody and control of the University at the time of loss.

Description/Type of Records: Liability insurance claims, non-property and non-liability insurance claims, property insurance claims, claims database, incident reports, correspondence and financial information.

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) Retention Disposition
Risk Management & Insurance
     For claims where minor is not affected: 12 years from date of claim settlement or closure. Confidential shred or delete
     For claims where minor is affected: 30 years from date of claim settlement or closure; or 12 years after minor reaches age of majority if birth date is known. Confidential shred or delete
     Claims database – summary data 40 years Confidential shred or delete
     Claims database – balance of data 12 or 30 years depending on whether minor is affected. Confidential shred or delete

In accordance with the principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, access to these records is restricted to staff assigned the functional responsibilities related to the records as well as those with the authority to compile, classify, annotate, read, retrieve, transfer or destroy this records series.

Records Management Instructions:
To ease the application of retention rules in the future, all claims involving minors will be filed in a separate sub-series.  This recordkeeping change may be done in a manner convenient to the unit — either created “from this day forward,” or retroactively for all active files.

For Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR):
Limitations Act, Chapter L-15.1,s.1(f); s.3(1) and Chapter L-12, s.5.1(2).

Approval Information:

  • Janet Stein, Director, Risk Management, Safety and Security
  • Jo-Ann Munn Gafuik, Access and Privacy Coordinator
  • Lisa Atkinson, University Records Committee (Chair)

27 February 2012