Payroll Payments & Deductions

UCLASS Primary: FM525 – Payroll Payments & Deductions

Retention Rule Number: Specific Retention Rule 2000.07

Function/Activity: To document the payment of university employees including casual staff, project employees, and graduate appointment employees; and to document the fulfillment of the University’s obligations as employer by keeping records that enable contributions to pension plans, employment insurance and employee benefits returns, taxes payable, refundable tax credits receivable, and other amounts that should be deducted, collected or paid to be determined.

Description/Type of Records: Casual payroll requisition forms/timesheets, graduate appointment records, payroll deduction records (including statutory deduction records, non-statutory deduction records, and exception/reconciliation reports), and backup of Payroll Accounting System (PACS) (microfiche).

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) Retention Disposition
Payroll (Financial Services)
     Casual Payroll Requisitions / Time Sheets: 12 years Confidential shred or delete
     Payroll Deduction Records: 7 years Confidential shred or delete
     Payroll records in PeopleSoft; backup of PACS (Record of Payroll Payments) Microfiche Copies: 65 years Confidential shred or delete
Office of Secondary Responsibility (OSR) Retention Disposition
Faculties and Departments and Administrative Units
     Casual Payroll Requisition / Timesheets and Graduate Appointment Records: 12 years Confidential shred or delete

In accordance with the principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, access to these records is restricted to staff assigned the functional responsibilities related to the records as well as those with the authority to compile, classify, annotate, read, retrieve, transfer or destroy this record series.  All other applications for access can be made through a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy access request.

For Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR):
Income Tax Act, R.S.C. 1985 (5th Supp.), c.1, s.230(4); s.230(4)(b)(part).
Limitations Act, Chapter L-12, s.3(1).

For Offices of Secondary Responsibility (OSR):
Limitations Act, Chapter L-12, s.3(1).

Records Management Instructions:
For Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR):
Destroy computer tapes/tape over only if has been confirmed that the microfilming has been done accurately.

Place the following vital records in storage which protects against fire and associated hazards:  Backup of PACS (Record of Payroll Payments) microfiche copies, garnishee files, casual requisition/timesheet forms, tax remittances, pension exception and reconciliation reports, RRSP deductions reports, charity deduction authorization forms, and T4 reports.

Approval Information:

  • Art Kirk, Director of Financial Services
  • Jo-Ann Munn Gafuik, University Archivist
  • Bonnie Woelk, University Records Committee (Chair)

7 April 2003