Student Accommodations

UCLASS Primary: ST645 – Special Student Programs and Services

Retention Rule Number: Specific Retention Rule 2015.05

Function/Activity: To document the provision of programs and services to students with special needs including students with disabilities.

Description/Type of Records: Application/consent forms, assessment records, requests for accommodations, notes on options for accommodation, accessibility plans, letters of accommodation, education disability grant applications and reports noting amount received and spent, correspondence, appeals and modified letters of accommodation.

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) Retention Disposition

Student Accessibility Services

Vice-Provost (Student Experience)

Instructors, Faculties and Departments

12 years after student is no longer receiving accommodations

Confidential shred or delete


Access to these records is restricted due to personal information contained therein to the individual they relate to and to staff assigned the authority to compile, classify, annotate, read, retrieve, transfer or destroy this record series.

Records Management Instructions:

To facilitate the retention and destruction of records relating to accommodations, campus units should maintain these files in department or faculty central filing, filing them by date of accommodation letter.


For Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR):
Student Accommodation Policy, s.4.12
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, s.34(b)
Limitations Act, Chapter L-15.1,s.1(f); s.3(1) and Chapter L-12, s.5.1(2).
College of Alberta Psychologists Standards of Practice (2013), s.7.3 and s. 7.4

Approval Information:

  • Susan Barker, Vice-Provost (Student Experience)
  • Jo-Ann Munn Gafuik, Senior Officer, Policy and FOIP
  • Bonnie Woelk, University Records Committee (Chair)

20 December 2016