Student Appeal Process

UCLASS Primary: GV725 – Student Appeals and Reviews

Retention Rule Number: Specific Retention Rule 98.0015

Function/Activity: To document student academic appeals, and student academic mis-conduct and non-academic misconduct appeals. NOTE: This retention rule applies to records generated by appeals that are heard at the Faculty Appeal Committee level and higher. NOTE: Student appeal records held by the Registrar’s Office are covered by the student records retention rules (#99.0006, #98.0018, and #2010.06). NOTE: This retention rule does not apply to Continuing Education student appeals and reviews.

Description/Type of Records: Letters of appeal, supporting documentation, appeals committee decisions and notices.

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) Retention Disposition

Faculty Appeal Committees

General Faculties Council Student Academic Appeals Committee

Student Discipline Appeal Committee (Board of Governors)

Associate Vice-Provost (Student Services)

Deans and Department Heads

12 years from the date of the appeal decision Confidential shred or delete

Access to this series shall be limited to those with the authority for the following purposes:

  1. File and/or case management.
  2. Legal review.


For Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR):

Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, University of Calgary, s.4.73

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, s.35(b).

Limitations Act, Chapter L-12, s.3(1).

Approval Information:

  • Susan Barker, Vice-Provost (Student Experience)
  • Susan Belcher, University Secretary
  • Jo-Ann Munn Gafuik, Senior Officer, Policy and FOIP
  • Lisa Atkinson, University Records Committee (Chair)

19 February 2014