Measuring Research Impact

Standing out in a crowded field of researchers is important in advancing your career. Consult with us to learn how to present a coherent picture of your research and its impact.

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What does online identity management entail?

There are three major components:

  • Creating a unique online ID that sets you apart from other authors with the same last name and initials.
  • Creating a profile on various academic and professional social media sites in order to publicize your qualifications and publications.
  • Using online tools to track who's reading, citing and otherwise using your work. We call these "metrics". Some of the newer, alternative measures of impact are referred to as "altmetrics".

Why should you invest the time and effort in this?

It's the new CV - a strong online profile will help you with postgraduate, job, promotion and tenure applications. Granting agencies may want to see some of this information on grant applications. It helps you identify potential collaborators or mentors working in the same areas at other institutions. It gives you a sense of the impact of your own work. Organizing all of this early in your career makes it much easier to keep on top of as you advance in your career and build your body of work.

Where is it located?

Lab NEXT located on the third floor TFDL.


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