Virtual Reality

The applications for using virtual reality in teaching, learning and research are endless.

What virtual reality equipment is available in the library?

  • The Taylor Family Digital Library has three virtual reality spaces.
  • The Virtual Reality Studio uses the HTC Vive Pro.
  • The Mobile Cart uses the Oculus Quest 2 and can be booked for classes and special events.
  • The Virtual Reality Development Room has many headsets and peripherals, including a Valve Index. Full specifications are listed on the booking form below.

What virtual reality experiences are recommended?

We can recommend applications for many use cases in teaching, learning, exploration, and team building.

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Who can use the virtual reality equipment?

  • The Virtual Reality Studio and Virtual reality cart can be booked by current faculty, students, and staff at the University of Calgary.
  • The Virtual Reality Development Room is for University of Calgary faculty, students, and staff working on Virtual Reality development or research projects.
  • Before first using the VR equipment an online waiver must be signed.
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Interested in a tour of this space?

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Where is it located?

Lab NEXT located on the third floor TFDL.

Applying VR in architecture

Understanding the human scale in architecture is essential to not only appreciate the design and materiality but also to grasp the conceptual elements the designer is portraying in the project, by experiencing it in “real life”. Virtual Reality has made such experiences possible. ARTsponge is a Comprehensive Studio project within the Master of Architecture program, by Jonathan Monfries and John Baziuk (M.Arch ’21). The project focuses on the idea of an art hub that emphasizes cohabitation - one that also evolves and adapts with the art and the people that interact with it, challenging the typical art gallery typology. By creating a concept that promotes permeation of the program into the urban fabric, the building and program are able to make art more accessible for all. These elements of materiality and concept become evident by experiencing the building through Virtual Reality, where you can admire the warmth of the wooden facade and feel the sense of openness and transparency as you walk through the building.

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Our team members.

Jed Baker

Emerging Technology Specialist

Book VR studio

A room scale VR studio running the HTC Vive.


Book VR cart

A VR cart running the Oculus Quest 2 for use in Lab NEXT on the third floor of the TFDL. Please allow five business days to process your request.


Book VR development room

A specialized room for VR development and research with HTC Vive and high performance PC.