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Please use the following form to submit any materials that you would like placed on reserve at any of the Library branches. This form should be used for: instructor owned materials (any materials owned by instructors or instructor-assembled binders), library materials (books, videos and sound recordings) and materials to be purchased by the Library.

Reserve Request Form

Reserve Information and Deadlines

Personal Copies

Two weeks before required by students

Library Books (including eBooks)

Two weeks before required by students

New Books (recommended books for purchase)

At least three months before the beginning of class.

Periods & Fines

  • Two-hour loans are for in-library use only—the material must not leave the library unless the instructor makes a special request. Fines accrue at $3.00 per hour.
  • Two and Three-day loans accrue at $3.00 per hour.

Learning Materials Costs to Students

Academic staff invest considerable efforts in recommending high-quality learning resources that are closely aligned with the learning outcomes for each course. However, the cost of learning materials has become a concern. This memo highlights resources available through Libraries and Cultural Resources, the Copyright Office, Bound and Copied and the Bookstore that can assist in alleviating some of the high costs for learning materials.


Bennett Jones Law Library: Janine Gittens

Business Library: Alifa Rahman

Doucette Library: Rachel Shabalin

Gallagher Library: Adriana Sanzana

Health Sciences Library: Brian Evans

Taylor Family Digital Library: Amy Chiu


Please ensure you have included a full citation for each item and indicate if it is a library item or if it needs to be purchased or if you will be providing the material. Please drop off personal copies at the applicable library branch.

Your request(s) will be directed to the appropriate unit for processing.