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The Military Museums Library and Archives is managed through a partnership between the University of Calgary Libraries and Cultural Resources and the Department of National Defence. The Library has over 100,000 books and periodicals, and 600 metres of archival material on Canadian and general military subjects.

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The Military Museums Library and Archives (TMMLA) is among the largest military libraries in North America. TMMLA is embedded within The Military Museums complex, about 10 km south of campus. The Library serves both the public and the University of Calgary community. Our holdings include items from as early as the 17th century through to the modern era. Area strengths include: the Canadian military in international involvement from the Boer War through to Afghanistan, history of the Canadian navy, cold war intelligence, and wartime propaganda. No appointment is necessary to visit the library and visitors to just the library are not required to pay a museum entry fee.


4520 Crowchild Trail SW Calgary, AB T2T 5J4

403.410.2340 ext 2621


Our team members.

Jason Nisenson

Assistant Archivist

Donna Zambory

Archival Assistant

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