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Best practices for sharing and preserving your Open Educational Resource (OER)

  1. Mint a DOI and ISBN for your title.
    This will help you keep track of who is using your resource and be a permanent identifier.  
  2. Create a record of your title in PRISM: University of Calgary's Digital Repository.
    This can include a description and reference link and/or a preservation PDF copy of your resource. Depositing in PRISM will help get your resource indexed in Google Scholar and library searches. If the title is updated, we can create new versions of this record to keep track.
  3. Web Archive it
    If you have an interactive online resource, web archive it before and after you make any major changes.
  4. Include a recommended citation format.
    This can be on the text book pages or in a web page footer. This helps to ensure that others using your text are using the URL (or DOI if you want us to mint one for you). And will help you track usage metrics.
  5. Archive important aspects of your resource (e.g. images) in one of our repositories.
    Even if your resource is dynamic, you could store preservation copies of important aspects of your work (e.g. images) in one of our systems to ensure they last beyond the lifetime of your project.

Links & Files

Request a DataCite DOI

PRISM: University of Calgary's Digital Repository

What are Web Archiving Services?

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