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Priority for our collections, spaces and services is reserved for University of Calgary students, staff and faculty. Community and Alumni must book a computer or workspace before their visit

Experiential Learning

LCR can be a key partner in developing high-quality experiential learning opportunities that cultivate “learning by doing.”

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning (EL) is a form of learning–by-doing that bridges knowledge and experience through critical reflection. EL provides relevant, meaningful learning experiences that cultivate disciplinary excellence, critical thought, and skills development. These opportunities prepare students to lead and/or respond to change and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

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Experiential Learning at LCR

VR Project


Using Lab NEXT’s innovative technologies and services, Jonathan Monfries and John Baziuk (M.Arch ’21) designed a Comprehensive Studio project in virtual reality as part of the Master of Architecture program.

Invertebrates Collection

Digital Services

In collaboration with Digital Services, students in upper year Zoology classes have collected, digitized, and described Invertebrate specimens to create digital objects in LCR’s digital collections systems.

Founders’ Gallery

Nickle and Founders’ Galleries

Nickle and Founders’ Galleries regularly host both Practicum and Directed Studies students from Museum and Heritage Studies, Art and Art History, Greek and Roman Studies and other disciplines to work with museum collections of art, textiles and numismatics and gallery exhibitions.

Archives and Special Collections

Undergraduate students in English courses were given the chance to become digital curators for a semester working with Archives and Special Collections to select unique archival materials, and with Digitization and Repository Services to create digital exhibitions using Omeka.

Supports for Experiential Learning at LCR 

LCR’s librarians, archivists, curators and staff, as well as our state of the art services and spaces, are here to support experiential learning opportunities, including:

Work Integrated Learning: Student work and volunteer placements and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in the fields of libraries, archives, galleries, information technology, and more.

Curriculum-Integrated Learning: Support for instructors in instruction and assessment for experiential learning opportunities in the classroom, as well as support in designing course-based experiential learning projects and assignments using our spaces, collections and digital tools.

Co-Curricular Learning: Workshops and training to develop skills in information literacy, publishing, audiovisual editing, data management and analysis, and a wide variety of digital tools. Services such as a Makerspace, Visualization and Virtual Reality Studios, A/V editing suites, and other state-of-the-art facilities can also support course-based projects as well as co-curricular events.

Research-Integrated Learning: Research support, including support for PURE and CURE projects by our subject librarians.

Community-Engaged Learning: LCR can serve as a community partner or site for a case or field studies.

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