Rejected or Unsuccessful Applications or Submissions

UCLASS Primary: All

Retention Rule Number: General Retention Rule 2014.10

Function/Activity: To document unsuccessful submissions or applications that result from adjudication or evaluation processes, including but not limited to: research applications, scholarly competition submissions, and award applications.

Description/Type of Records: Rejected or unsuccessful applications or submissions

Retention Rules

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) Retention Disposition
All units End of adjudication or evaluation process + 1 year Confidential shred or delete


Restrictions: In accordance with the principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, access to these records is restricted to staff assigned the functional responsibilities related to the records as well as those with the authority to compile, classify, annotate, read, retrieve, transfer or destroy this records series.

For Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR):
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, s.34(b).

Approval Information:

  • Jo-Ann Munn Gafuik, Senior Specialist, Policy and FOIP
  • Bonnie Woelk, University Records Committee (Chair)

21 March 2014