Alan MacDonald Graduate Commons

A shared space on the 5th floor of the TFDL with the intended purpose to provide space for graduate students who are at the stage of intensive research and writing

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Who can use this space?

Any currently registered graduate student at the University of Calgary who is in good standing with their department and Libraries and Cultural Resources. Good standing means you have no outstanding fines or registration withholds and current fees have been paid in full.

To apply for space see details in our Alan MacDonald Graduate Commons Policies FAQ.

How long can you use the room?

Successful applicants will be granted access to the Graduate Commons from May 15 until April 30. All students are eligible to reapply for a spot when their access expires.

Room Amenities

There are a limited amount of lockers available. Therefore, lockers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where is it located?

Alan MacDonald Room, 5th Floor TFDL

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Our team members.

Leeanne Morrow

Director, Learner Support and Engagement

Brenda MacDonald

Administrative Coordinator, Learning Services

Rhiannon Jones



Policies related to room use

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