myLibrarian Program

Personalized research and library support for you.

What is the myLibrarian Program?

Librarians provide personalized research and learning help to all University of Calgary students. Whether you need in-depth research help, searching strategies, advice finding good-quality information online, or a friendly expert to chat with, your librarian looks forward to hearing from you!

What can myLibrarian help me with?

  • Understanding the scholarship in your field of study
  • Suggestions for navigating academic resources on campus
  • Searching effectively and efficiently for resources digitally and in print
  • Connect you with innovative technology to support your projects
  • Finding literature for assignments
  • Determining quality of sources
  • Managing the scholarly resources you find
  • Getting familiar with academic resources including databases
  • Focusing a topic you’re interested in exploring
  • And more!

How do I join the program?

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Note: We will endeavour to match you with someone who shares your lived experience. If it is not currently possible, someone with experience and familiarity will be suggested.


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