myLibrarian Program

At the University of Calgary, students can get personalized research and learning support through the myLibrarian service. Find a librarian with expertise in your chosen subject or shared lived experience. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to get insider information on upcoming events and how to be more successful in your academic research efforts.

The myLibrarian service can help you


Get access to literature for assignments.


Understand the scholarship in your field of study.


Navigate academic resources on campus.


Search effectively for digital and print resources.


Determine quality of sources.

Find a Librarian

Find a librarian that suits your educational needs.

Find your Librarian

Sign up for the myLibrarian Newsletter

Gain access to special events and get regular tips on how to better utilize library resources.

Meet our myLibrarians

You can find a librarian by reviewing our listings, identifying the librarian that best fits your needs by Subject, Background, and/or Language.