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Prairie Regional Research Data Centre

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The Prairie Regional Research Data Centre (RDC) at the University of Calgary is part of the Canadian Research Data Centre Network that provides researchers access to a wide array of Statistics Canada confidential microdata files in a secure computer facility. The large number of social, economic, and health surveys along with Census and administrative files housed in the RDC provides opportunities for research across multiple disciplines.

This Research Data Centre is named the 'Prairie Regional Research Data Centre' because when it was established in 2001 it was the only RDC in the Prairie Provinces. Since this time, multiple RDCs have opened across the Prairies including an affiliated branch RDC at the University of Lethbridge. The RDC network is currently comprised of over 30 RDCs across the country, primarily on university campuses, allowing for flexibility and collaboration.

There is an approval process to access the RDC and microdata files.