Open Services Suite

Open Repositories & Publishing Services:
Create, preserve, and share your scholarly and educational outputs openly.

Who can use these services?

  • University of Calgary faculty, staff, and students.
  • Canadian researchers and educators at institutions without a local repository or publishing hosting solution.

Why use these services?

  • To advance open research, teaching and learning, and scholarship.
  • These services are available free of charge to University of Calgary faculty, staff, and students.
  • These services help comply with funder mandates, provide a venue for student or non-traditional scholarship, and increase readership of your work.

What services are offered?

Open Access

Open Access (OA) is the free, immediate, online availability of research outputs publications coupled with the rights to use these materials with little or no restrictions in a digital environment.

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PRISM | University of Calgary Digital Repository

Digital archiving and sharing of articles, books, theses, open educational resources, open access and other scholarly and educational publications.

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Journal Hosting

Web hosting of peer-reviewed scholarly and student open access journals.

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PRISM Data | University of Calgary Data Repository

Digital archiving and sharing of research data from researchers.

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Digital Collections

We build digital collections with support from library staff, faculty, students, and community partners to showcase unique collections of interest to Albertans, Canadians, researchers, and educators.

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Open Education Alberta

A collaborative, no-fee publishing service supported by Alberta post-secondary partners for open textbooks and other open educational resources through Pressbooks.

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Web Archiving

The capture, retention, and dissemination of research, teaching and learning, and cultural websites created by UCalgary students, faculty, and staff so that they can be managed and preserved for the future.

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University of Calgary Press

LCR Publishing Services in partnership with the University of Calgary Press is proud to make books available in fully Open Access PDF versions available for free use by students, scholars, and the public around the world.

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